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Empire Show

Sep 6, 2017

Today, clients and customers aren’t satisfied just buying from a huge, faceless brand. When they get interested in a new product or service, they become intensely curious about the people behind it. This is a huge opportunity for you. Once you get in the habit of regularly sharing your personal life online, using Craig Ballantyne and Bedros Keuilian’s system, you’ll be able to dominate your market.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

0:35 - The number one thing that separates struggling businesses from businesses that are overflowing with clients and customers.

2:03 - Why the path to riches is, weirdly enough, giving away your best information for free.

2:37 - Why being open and personal on social media is the best way to grow your business.

4:06 - Why you cannot out-give the universe, and why this is important to your business.

5:52 - How often per week you should get online and share your lifestyle and behind-the-scenes content with your audience.