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Empire Show

Oct 4, 2017

A lot of people get into the sales business, but become defeated when they discover they’re not closing prospects and maximizing their profits. What they don’t realize is, it’s not the client who’s not buying, it’s them as the salesperson who’s not committing to getting the “yes”. Listen to Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne talk about the power of believing in your product, being an effective listener, and selling by dramatic demonstration of proof.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


3:55 - Why you have an obligation to sell in order to help more people.

8:27 - How to find the problem, agitate it, and then offer a solution to close the sale.

13:10 - Why you need to become a professional listener to allow prospects to talk themselves into the sale.

14:30 - Why you need to wholeheartedly believe in your product or service in order to have the confidence to ask for the sale.

16:53 - Why you need to have dramatic demonstration of proof.