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Empire Show

Dec 13, 2017

You may not realize this, but selling is a part of everyday life. You’re constantly selling yourself, an idea, your business, or even just selling people on a TV show. But if you’re word vomiting on people and not paying attention to their wants and needs, you’re going to lose the sale every time. In this episode, Craig and Bedros teach you how to close sales and influence decisions by being genuine in your approach, and identifying the problem so that you can offer the solution.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


3:13 - How Pete Vargas sold Bedros on his two day stage workshop through authenticity, referrals, and addressing the problem.

7:21 - How Bedros was unsold by a contractor who over-talked his way out of a $200,000 sale.

9:16 - Why transference of feelings is the biggest mistake people make when selling.

10:48 - How Craig uses social media to provide value and come into the sale warm.

14:22 - Why you need to listen to your prospect’s wants and make them feel understood in order to close the sale. The more talking you do, the more you talk people out of the deal.

16:23 - Why you need to share your struggles to build a rapport and trust with your prospects.