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Empire Show

Dec 20, 2017

Craig Ballantyne and Bedros Keuilian have met countless entrepreneurs who open one successful business location, and want to go even bigger. But there’s one hurdle they’re forgetting to jump - just because you have one location running smoothly, does that make your business a scalable idea to survive anywhere? In this episode, Craig and Bedros will teach you the steps to opening multiple locations that have the legs and systems in place to thrive in various regions.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

1:18 - How to prove your concept and find your unique selling point to expand your locations.

4:55 - Why you need to replace yourself and hire a talented team who can follow your systems.

7:03 - Why Curves failed and Fit Body Boot Camp is succeeding. Hint: proven results and culture matters!

9:32 - The three things you need in order to scale your business to its highest potential.

15:30 - Why patience is key and ego is your downfall.