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Empire Show

Jan 17, 2018

Super Bowl Champion turned Fitness Entrepreneur, Steve Weatherford is rapidly switching industries and breaking the mold to impact more lives and share his vision. How is he scaling so quickly? In this episode, Craig and Bedros share how Steve is moving the needle in his business by focusing on his vision, seeking help from experienced mentors, and sharing his story with the world – and you can too.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

2:40 - How Steve Weatherford went from retired athlete to selling a successful fitness program online.

5:04 - One of the biggest keys to success you can implement right now in your business.

7:30 - How Steve turned a one-off sale into a continuity program to help more people while still making a profit.

8:56 - Why resiliency is the number one trait all successful leaders share when building their empire.

15:05 - Why investing in a mentor will save you time, money, failures, and energy.