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Empire Show

Mar 7, 2018

In this episode, Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne reveal their most embarrassing mistakes in business so that you can avoid losing money, time, and opportunity in your own business. You’ll learn why you must learn to trust your own gut and stand behind your own decisions. You’ll also learn why the most successful people in the world are outcome-driven. Watch or listen to this episode now and make sure you share it with any friends who are entrepreneurs.


“Playing it safe has never built an empire.” - Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you’ll discover:


2:33 - The greatest challenges Bedros has faced with Fit Body Boot Camp.

5:03 - Why you don’t need “the man on the white horse” to succeed.

8:10 - Why you must stay committed to your outcome above all else.

9:22 - Why you must not fall into “the boss trap” or the “past success trap.”

14:48 - How “exponential learning” can create explosive growth for your empire.