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Empire Show

May 30, 2018

In this episode, Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne show you how you can bring in highly qualified, easy to close, high-paying, new clients and customers through Instagram. The best part is that you don’t need a massive, multi-million follower count to generate multiple millions of dollars on this platform. You just need a system to attract the right kind of followers.


“Everyone’s got a routine because humans like routine.” - Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you’ll discover:

1:00 - How Vince Del Monte generated a quarter of a million dollars in sales, in only 7 days, using Instagram stories.

2:20 - Why you need to ask yourself, “Who has my customers?”

4:30 - How Bedros added an extra 10,000 Instagram followers in just a few days.

7:05 - Craig’s 7-day formula that will show you exactly what to post each day of the week.

11:30 - How you can turn ANY conversation on ANY topic on Instagram into a potential sale.


“Instagram just has that intimate, next level of communication that allows you to sell everything.” - Craig Ballantyne