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Empire Show

Jul 4, 2018

When Bedros Keuilian learned how to break free of his personal scars, his businesses grew faster than he could imagine. In this episode, Bedros and Craig Ballantyne discuss how to work past your darkest moments and come out a bolder, more successful entrepreneur. Watch or listen now to also discover how to set high standards for yourself and the people you work with.


“Channel the darkness inside you to build a business and make a bigger impact.” - Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you’ll discover:

0:57 - How your darkest moments can fuel your personal and professional growth.

7:05 - Why being unreasonable will raise your standards as an entrepreneur.

8:31 - Why it’s important to surround yourself with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

10:26 - How your successful clients push you to offer higher levels of service.

15:43 - How to identify (and overcome) anything that holds back your business.


“Master both peace and rage and create your empire.” - Craig Ballantyne