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Empire Show

Jul 25, 2018

He’s only 43 years old and yet he’s already scaled and sold 3 businesses. In this episode, Randy Garn, one of Bedros Keuilian’s mentors, shares the secrets behind networking with the right people. He also walks you through the process of turning your business ideas into profitable solutions. Watch or listen now to discover why serving others for free can save you tens, and even hundreds, of thousands of dollars in the long run.

“Build the goodwill bank account first and the money bank account will grow faster.” - Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:

5:41 - How to bring your business idea to life—and scale it quickly.
12:00 - How to identify the gaps in an industry and create solutions for them.
17:32 - How to build a robust network of business connections.
22:18 - Why you should write out—yes, physically write out—a one-page strategy document.
34:01 - How to build your empire around your principles and not ego or economics.

“The more you serve, the less you have to sell” - Randy Garn