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Empire Show

Sep 5, 2018

Mike Geary began his first online business on a rough note: only 2 visitors to his site in 2 months. Then, he discovered the power of marketing, which would lead him to sell a million copies of his book, The Truth About Six Pack Abs. In this episode, Craig Ballantyne talks to internet marketing expert Mike Geary, who shares the secret to running ads that grab your audience’s attention. Watch or listen now to learn why putting down your phone might be the best way to grow your business.

“When someone first comes across you, they don’t want you to just list the features (of your product). They want to know what’s in it for them.” - Mike Geary

Here’s what you’ll discover:

1:57 - How to choose a great title for your product.

12:46 - How disconnecting actually helps you think up innovative new ideas.

14:44 - How to transition from working 12 hour days to overseeing a self-sustaining business.

18:35 - How to leverage your success in one industry to find success in another.

24:37 - What hacks can you use to perform at a higher level, even when you’re busy?

“There’s nothing wrong with building a business around something you’re not super passionate about if you’re good at the marketing, or you’re good at sales, and then leverage that to go into something you are super passionate about.” - Mike Geary