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Empire Show

Sep 19, 2018

In this episode, Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne share some gems of wisdom that just missed making it into Bedros’s new book, Man Up. They discuss topics like hanging around honest friends, bringing on the wrong investors, and selling hard offers. Watch or listen now to also learn why real entrepreneurs work and vacation when they want to, not when the world tells them to.

“I’m obsessed with the outcome and I’m in love with the process. Those are the two things you need to be an empire builder.” - Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:

0:50 - How to live by your own rules and create your own holidays

8:00 - Why evolution is mandatory in today’s business world

9:02 - Why you can never assume success before you achieve it

11:43 - What are hard offers, and why are they so powerful?

16:08 - Why your business partners can actually limit your potential as an entrepreneur

“You need to be constantly evolving or looking for the next thing.” - Craig Ballantyne

Grab Man Up today: