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Empire Show

Oct 10, 2018

Joel Marion was forced to pivot his career once a book he published failed. Instead of folding, he learned Internet marketing and has since made more than a $100,000,000 selling his online supplement line, BioTrust. In this episode, Joel joins Bedros Keuilian and teaches you what it takes to develop the $100,000,000 work ethic. Watch or listen now to discover how to market and sell your online product and make a massive profit—just like Joel Marion did.

“Only you can write your own destiny.” - Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:

3:29 - How criticism and rejection can help you hone your craft.

15:46 - How to get what you want in business by coming with a giving hand.

24:32 - How to use urgency and purpose to accelerate your entrepreneurial growth.

33:54 - How to recruit an army of affiliates to promote your online product.

44:36 - Why your response to setbacks determines your level of success.

“If you want to have the biggest impact, and you want to have a life of meaning and live the life you were born to live, you have to be prepared to go through all those circumstances that get dealt your way and use them to refine your character and become better. ” - Joel Marion