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Empire Show

Feb 16, 2019

Sure, you might have a solid social media following, but are you really making money off of them? At then end of the day, money is what moves the needle forward. Most entrepreneurs and social influencers fail when it comes to turning their followers into dollars. However, if you look at the Rock, he is taking full advantage of it. Watch or listen now, to discover the secrets in turning your followers into cold hard cash.


“You have got to educate, entertain, and sale.”


“It’s okay to be greedy if you have a solution to a problem”


- Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you’ll discover:

1:00 - Why your not making money in your business, and how to fix it

3:01 - The secrets to turning leads to sales on social media

4:45 - What the 50/25/25 formula is, and why it will help you make money

8:45 - Why it is crucial for you to build your following

9:40 - Why it important to know who your market is, and how you can use that to your strength


“You are not going to have enough money”

“You must always be promoting”

- Craig Ballantyne


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