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Empire Show

Mar 30, 2019

As you all know, wealth is a vehicle to freedom, and as an entrepreneur, you are trying to be as free as you can be. Most people have a broken relationship with money, and don't look at it the way it should be looked at. Watch or listen now to discover the five universal laws to create more wealth, and why you need to fix your relationship with money.  


“Knowledge alone will not create wealth”

“You only get paid for done”


- Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you’ll discover:

0:32 - The five universal laws of creating wealth - and why it will benefit you and your worth

2:30 - Why you need to always deliver hard advice to get your sales to go up

3:35 - How making your business model more simple may be better in the long run

5:20 - Why you have a money mindset problem - and what you need to do to fix it

10:00 - Why you will never have enough tools in your life


“You can never have enough money because you can never have enough tools”

“Go deliver hard advice”


- Craig Ballantyne