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Empire Show

Apr 12, 2019


Technology is supposed to make your life easier, so why aren't you using social media’s new technology? This episode is all about social media automation. Whether you are an avid Facebook or Instagram user, you need to be trying these techniques to makes sales easier and give you more time to do important things. Watch or listen now to learn the secrets about automation, and how to earn sales without even lifting a finger


“You can automate through humans”

- Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you’ll discover:

1:15 - How automatic sales scripts on Instagram and Facebook is the new wave of the future

4:00 - It's okay to have your assistant answer questions within social media platforms

6:30 - Why you must always follow up with your potential customers

8:20 - Why you shouldn’t worry about creating new content; just need a set 5 important ideas

16:00 - Why you should batch process your content


“Everybody opens their Facebook Messenger”

- Craig Ballantyne


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