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Empire Show

Jun 15, 2019

In this episode of Inside Look, Danny Morel - real estate coaching extraordinaire, has a lot to say about the pressures in entrepreneurships. Even if you are running your empire and making 7+ figures, or if you are as low as you can be, you should always feel pressure to level up and reach that next level. Watch or listen now to discover why there is no room for excuses in business, and how pressure is a daunting force.


“I love when people come from adversity”

“Pressure is a privilege”

“You’re always going to  

- Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you’ll discover:

2:05 - How Danny came from adversity, and how he overcame it

6:50 - Why there should always be pressure, even if you are successful

13:00 - How ego can ruin or make a mindset

18:35 - How you can come from adversity but still have high standards

29:00 - Why the losers are waiting for handouts, and winners make things happen



“I could’ve thought I was too young… I didn’t think any of that”

“Someone has to do it, so why not you?”

“Psychology drives actions, actions drive results”

“There’s always pressure”

“If it's gonna be, it's up to me”

-Danny Morel


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