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Empire Show

Apr 19, 2019

Life is full of ups and downs;  just like business, personal moods, stocks, anything really. Just ask real estate/ life/ success guru Dean Graziosi and Bedros Keuilian. In this episode of Inside Look, Dean and Bedros get very transparent about their pasts, and how they use those traumas and negative memories to boost them into the world-class businessmen they are today. Watch or listen now to see how Dean was able to leverage that pain and turn it into empathy and success.


“I had a chip on my shoulder”

“You don’t just go through trauma and come out on the other side”

- Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you’ll discover:

1:25 - How Dean went from real estate guru to a highly sought after life/success coach

7:50 - Dean grew up being an insecure underdog, and turned himself into a great success story

12:15 - How hard work doesn't necessarily lead to the success that YOU want

20:32 -  What negative impacts past traumas had on both Dean and Bedros

33:15 - How important self-education and personal growth can be


“I was somebody who wanted more”

“I gave people what they needed”

“There is no magic money machines”

“I never felt in control”

“You don't see me, but one day you’ll hear me”

“I’ll sleep when I die”

“It's going to suck until it doesn't”

-Dean Graziosi


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