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Empire Show

Mar 3, 2020

How valuable is your network? Craig and I talk about ways to expand your network and how to do it right! We tell you how to leverage your network while being of service to everyone else! People ALWAYS ask us what the secret to success and life is. Listen and find out...


“You have to respect people’s time more than ever.”

“Build a position of strength.”

- Craig Ballantyne


Here’s what you’ll discover:

01:07 - How your network can save your ass

05:04 - Why you should compare yourself to others

09:55 - How you are going to kill your network

11:47 - Don’t ask to pick my brain

17:13 - The right way to introduce two people.


“A strong network gives you resources.”

“Come with a giving hand.”

- Bedros Keuilian




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