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Empire Show

May 11, 2019

Thought leader, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, philanthropist, and co-founder of Elite Daily is known as the millennial mentor. He was able to turn his passion for storytelling into a $50 million-plus dollar business! A company he literally started out sheer hustle and determination! Watch or listen to this Inside Look now to hear all the ups and downs of his journey as the co-founder of this gigantic news platform, and why there is no reason you can’t be in the same position he was!


“Every odd was stacked against you”

“Success leaves clues”

- Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you’ll discover:

1:20 - How Gerard’s passion for storytelling helped leverage him into success

4:30 - Who Gerard got his self-awareness from - and how it helped him keep his head on his shoulders

8:50 - What it took for Gerard and Elite Daily to become what they are today

17:22 - What a good pitch consists of - and how it can make you more money

31:12 - What to do when your “business identity” is taken away from you


“No ones truly paying attention to the economy”

“Entrepreneurship is like going to war”

“There is no plan B”  

“You have the ability to take ownership of your life”

“Simplify to amplify”

-Gerard Adams