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Empire Show

Jul 5, 2017

A farm boy. A party animal. A twenty-something with severe anxiety issues. And then...the world’s most disciplined man? Looking at the earlier stages of Craig's Ballantyne’s life, most people would never guess he’d become the highly disciplined and successful entrepreneur he is today. In this episode, discover how Craig Ballantyne turned his greatest weaknesses into his greatest strengths.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

1:18 - What Craig Ballantyne learned from his parents that he still applies to this day.

3:37 - The most painful words Craig Ballantyne ever heard as a young man—and the lesson he took away from them.

6:31 - The inspiring quote Craig Ballantyne heard later which changed his life—both personally and in business.

8:29 - The number 1 issue that stops people from making bold career moves, and how you can avoid falling into this trap.

9:50 - The first thing you must do to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and unlock your absolute fullest potential.