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Empire Show

Jun 29, 2019

In this episode of Inside Look, Jen Esquer - physical therapist and entrepreneur,  talks about how she was able to leverage her social media account into a source of income! Most people use Instagram as a place to post or look at the pretty pictures, but Jen was able to turn a passion of exercise and the human body into a business, and a page of half a million followers! 


“Friends making money with friends”

“You created content that was worthy of being shared” 

“The human body is a chain” 

- Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you’ll discover:

2:02 - How Jen found her passion with helping people, specifically by getting them to help themselves

8:35 - How she leveraged her social following into profit

16:05 - How keeping your message simple can be better in the long run 

21:50 - Jen’s experience with personal development and how she grew from it

35:15 - How Jen built a community from scratch, and it's still perfecting it today 


“Break it down so it can be done by anyone” 

“It’s your opportunity to learn”  

“I don’t fix you, you fix you” 

-Jen Esquer


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