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Empire Show

Feb 18, 2020

Kent Clothier stops by the studio on this episode of Inside Look to give us the scoop on his story. From having his life flash before his eyes, to losing a 9 figure business, Kent has experienced a little more than his fair share of life! Kent learned lessons the hard way and is no stranger to failure. He lets us in on the secret to creating the lifestyle that you want and taking care of what really matters in life. 


“To act like anything is promised to you is completely irresponsible.”

“I’ve never worked for anyone.”

“There’s a lot of comfort in making success complicated.”

“I want the people that have a fire in their belly much more than I want the people that are over educated.”  

“I want to make sure the days that I live, are the days that I am proud to live.”

- Kent Clothier


Here’s what you’ll discover:

01:17 - Kent’s nightmare of a plane ride

09:44 - What Kent wants to be known for

11:54 - Why you should want to help others

16:28 - Do you have knowledge on ice?

22:28 - You’re not invincible

38:18 - Average day for Kent

49:30 - Passive income is the key to wealth


“That was ego, now you got wisdom.”

“Even if you’re right doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to win.”

“You had the ability to create it and it would be irresponsible if you didn’t.”

- Bedros Keuilian




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