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Empire Show

May 18, 2019

As the founder of SVG, a million dollar business that focuses influences to reach new levels of success, Los Silva knows a thing or two about content. In this episode of Inside Look, Bedros and Los dive deep into what it takes to be a successful social media influencer, from content to community. Watch or listen now to discover what it takes to transition from a content creator to a business empire builder and vice versa.


“If we always follow the same process, we might end up losing”

“The empires are built on the back end, not the front end”

- Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you’ll discover:

2:00 - How Los helps people elevate their social media outlets, and makes them more money

9:20 - How “behind the scenes” people can still become a successful content creator

11:10 - Los’ vetting out process, how he picks who he helps vs. who he won't give the time of day

14:00 - How important micro continuity can be in growing your influence and empire

16:00- The steps you need to take for a successful launch of your brand


“You need to have a consistent desire”

“Content is one thing, and consistent value is an another”

“They aren't business people they are content creators”

“If they don't have the desire it sucks”

“Content, conversions, community, lead to conversions”

-Los Silva