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Empire Show

Feb 4, 2020

On this episode of Inside Look, Shanda Sumpter steps off the stage to have a personal and vulnerable conversation about her life. She gives us some fantastic insight on how to be an entrepreneur, parent, spouse, and all around badass at the same time! Shanda is an amazing business coach who helps entrepreneurs create profitable and sustainable businesses. She lets us in on her secrets and how she is able to juggle her crazy life while still making millions!


“If you give me the opportunity to work, I’ll show up.”

“Pulling back actually strengthens a limitation.”

“What are you not willing to give up to be a great mom and great leader?”

“I’m not afraid of money.”

- Shanda Sumpter


Here’s what you’ll discover:

02:19 - Where did Shanda start her journey? 

10:25 -  How to use anger to catapult your business

19:37 - Where a woman’s drive comes from

24:39 - Are you the problem in your relationship?

30:40 - How Shanda is able to sell from the stage


“When people see the real you...they’re going to buy the product or service.”

“We live in a time where you can spend plenty of time with your kid, while still being able to run a business...” 

- Bedros Keuilian




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