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Empire Show

Jun 28, 2017

Few men can say they’ve built an empire. Fewer men can say that and then turn around and say they used to eat scraps out of dumpsters. For Bedros, both are true. In this episode, discover the inspiring and often strange story of how Bedros’s family escaped the Soviet Union and how Bedros went from a life of poverty to creating a global business empire.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


0:50 - How Bedros’s family escaped the Soviet Union and came to America to seek opportunity and freedom.

2:10 - What you can learn from being in “survival mode” even when you’re living the good life.

4:50 - The biggest lesson Bedros ever learned from his father, and how this still gives him a massive advantage to this day.

8:52 - How to spot people who are destined for success.

9:48 - The qualities you absolutely must have in each team member if you want to build a massively successful business.