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Empire Show

Dec 5, 2018

Tom Bilyeu quit a comfortable job in the midst of a recession. A few years later, he had co-founded Quest Nutrition and grew it by an astounding 57,000% (not a typo)! In this episode, Tom reveals when you should pivot industries, how he structured manufacturing around his product, and how he kept up with his business’s unbelievable scaling rate. Watch or listen now to also discover the most critical thing entrepreneurs forget when trying to sell their businesses.

“Copy and conversions (are) two very critical things that all businesses need -- traffic and sales -- in order to make the machine work and generate lots of profit.” - Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:

1:10 - How Tom scaled Quest fast enough to maintain its record-breaking growth

19:34 - Why copywriting is essential to articulate your marketing message clearly

21:12  - The secret to selling your company for as much as you can get

24:59 - How Tom bet on himself, gave up equity in one business, and pivoted to a new industry

34:06 - How Tom built a huge Quest fanbase on Facebook by giving away free content

“Never bet on the company, always bet on the entrepreneur.” - Tom Bilyeu

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