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Empire Show

Aug 12, 2019

Tom Bilyeu is the founder and host of the viral talk show Impact Theory, where he sits down with some of the world’s most influential and inspiring individuals. In part two of his episode, Tom shares how to build credibility with yourself so that you can adapt to new levels of success. Watch or listen now to discover why your success as an entrepreneur will multiply once you learn how to embrace your pain...and use it to fuel your growth. 


“I have a chip on my shoulder, rage in my eyes, and fire in my belly. That’s the level of work ethic that I have.” 

- Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you’ll discover:


2:45 - What Tom does every morning to build credibility with himself

6:52 - How an 8-year-old from Los Angeles taught Tom the power of commitment and mindset

15:59 - How to use stories to impact people who are antagonistic to change

20:07 - The power of self-awareness and facing your pain when building your empire

32:11 - How to channel your rage to push through the hardest times as an entrepreneur

“Doubt is one of the greatest gifts people can give you if you have the stomach to improve.” 

- Tom Bilyeu


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