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Empire Show

Jul 15, 2019

In this episode of Inside Look, Vince Del Monte tell us how he went from Skinny Vinny to personal trainer to online fitness business coach. We learn why being broke down and buried can result in profit and growth. Vince breaks what you’re really selling and why you need to be a marketer first!  


“Someone is always watching you.” 

“Phases of broke lead to growth.”

“You’re not being buried. You’re being planted.“

- Bedros Keuilian


Here’s what you’ll discover:

02:10 - How Vince got rid of his nickname “Skinny Vinny”

13:08 - How Vince figured out he could monetize his vulnerability 

15:00 - Why Vince’s business plateaued and what he did to fix that 

15:38 - Why Bedro’s starting backing Vince’s business

18:38 - How Vince inspired other personal trainers to elevate their business

20:16 - What are personal trainers really selling

28:57 - How phases of broke can lead to growth

34:18 - Vince identifies his latest issue with his business


“People are putting way too much confidence in confidence.”

“Successful entrepreneurs are marketers first, coaches second.”

“What you’re selling, is certainty.”

-Vince Del Monte


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