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Empire Show

Nov 15, 2017

Millennials get a bad reputation for being lazy and entitled. In reality, they actually make great employees. The previous generations typically have a more traditional way of doing things, however, our new generation is bringing a whole new set of skills that older generations aren’t interested in learning. Listen to Craig Ballantyne and Bedros Keuilian talk about why millennials are changing the workforce with innovative skills, a strong sense of social justice, and the drive to constantly evolve both personally and professionally.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


1:10 - How millennials use their “factory installed” skills to market your business in today’s social media and technology heavy economy.

3:23 - How millennials bring social justice into the Fit Body Boot Camp mission.

4:32 - How millennials have an inborn desire to collaborate and work as a team in the office.

7:08 - Why millennials have the drive to become entrepreneurs and the need to constantly evolve.

9:20 - Why nurturing a “special snowflake” mentality is essential to grow successful entrepreneurs.